History and Corporate Philosophy

HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL emerged from a Consulting Group, focused on small-and medium sized companies. Driven by it s focus on “Innovative Task Force Management”, prompt, purposive and implementation oriented project management in different business fields, it developed an expertise covering all industry sectors and business fields.

All founders of HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL can look back on at least 15 years experience as Managing Directors of multinational companies, head of international sales, IT- and HR, implementing through HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL their own as well the entire team experience in the investment and redirection business.


We do differ and characterise to classic investment approaches insofar as

  • our career record is not based, as by most persons acting in this business, on an investment banking or business consultant background, but on a solid entrepreneurial past as COOs, Managing Directors, head of worldwide sales, IT- and HR, in international companies. Our experience has been gained in practice through entrepreneurial leadership and personal responsibility in having managed, redirected and developed companies in various industries and business fields.
  • we are personally involved in our investments through daily, operative collaboration on-site in managing and supervising redirection and (international) expansion personally. A “hand selected” General Manager is appointed as solely responsible as soon as defined objectives have been achieved. Upon request he will be assisted consecutively or project-oriented. After having given proof of their managerial skills, General managers / management is awarded a share in the company to motivate entrepreneurial behaviour and reward achievements. By means of this “active investment management”, we strive for stable proceeds and company growth through sustainable, self propelled company success.
  • we do pursue a long-term investment policy. Our ambition does not primarily aim at short term “Exit solutions”, but on the long term development of a company and the implementation of complementary synergies.
  • we do look back on a clear expertise and track record in internationalising businesses and the implementation of international Marketing and Sales structures.
  • our partnership with a renowned Consulting Group enables us to, even for ad hoc requirements, to revert to further capacities and specific Know How.