As an active investment partner HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL gets involved in companies, which are confronted with special and upheaval situations in the domain of

  • Corporate Spin-Offs
  • Unsolved successions
  • Intention to sell for diverse reasons: change of strategy, management change, concentration on core business, long-lasting suboptimal results due to complex reasons, considerable indebtedness, etc..

As an industrial holding HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL concentrates on the acquisition and active reorganisation and development by our own management of profitable as well as non performing medium, sized European companies, fulfilling the following criteria

  • Industrial manufacturing or service businesses with a minimum turnover of € 10 million.
  • Strong market position and stable customer base
  • Upheaval situation / corporate spin-off due to strategic reorientation, succession plan, suboptimal management and financial results or other complex factors.

As a general rule, we assume full entrepreneurial responsibility in taking over the majority stake. By means of active implementation management using our own management specialists we strive to provide our investments the foundation for self propelled growth and competitiveness capable of reaching long-term strategic goals.

Our proven expertise in reorganising companies enables us to invest in industrial sectors featuring cyclical patterns and a challenging market environment.

Following a strict evaluation procedure for unexploited but identified potential, we do elaborate a catalogue of predetermined measures to be promptly implemented by our own team with allocated personal responsibilities.

In case of occupational aptitude, management is awarded free shares in order to promote and reward entrepreneurial behaviour and success.

Segregation of unattractive non-core activities to HANSE INDUSTRIEKAPITAL gives the previous owner certainty of having found an experienced, entrepreneurial minded partner capable of giving his old activity a secure long-term future and the freedom to concentrate on his core strengths.